Nav and ET

Most of my stories are fan fiction featuring the characters of the short-lived Australian Navy drama Sea Patrol. Many of them are co-written with my best friend, Griffin Wolf – our writing is so intertwined now that I’m not going to bother trying to establish who wrote what. Unless otherwise stated, all stories are a Teen/PG rating, the same as the show was.

My favourite character is Nikki ‘Nav’ Caetano; the majority of the stories are about her and her relationship with Josh ‘ET’ Holiday, as per show canon. We generally consider Seasons 1 + 2 to be canon, with most of the ‘universes’ splitting off after S2.

Skyeyes and Ocean Eyes
The central pre-relationship story from which all the others spring. This is a behind-the-scenes look at the Nav/ET relationship prior to the ‘official’ (fanon) beginning of their relationship after 2.10. Only contains S2 parts thus far, but will eventually extend to S1 as well.

Officer of the Watch
“This is HMAS Hammersley. Our ship has been hijacked. Armed hostiles boarded our ship and took control of the bridge. I repeat, we have lost control of our ship. There are three of us here and we… we are all that’s left.”
ET, Spider and Bomber are all that stand in the way of terrorists who hijack Hammersley, taking Nav hostage on the bridge.

Sex Bets
A series of inter-relationship challenges, laced with innuendo and improper conduct. AKA established-relationship Nav and ET enjoy betting against one another, with sexual favours as the winning bet.

Pieces that don’t fit into any of the other timelines. Where Nav & ET are together, the Eyes series will be applicable.


Disclaimer: I/we do not own these characters. They are the property of the Nine Network.

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